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Attention Lease Applicant

You will need to complete the Lease Application to the fullest extent possible. If
information is missing, the leasing agent may request that you furnish it and/or        
supply a written explanation. Please return the application with a check or money
order made out to Jack Stone ($50.00 per applicant) We require that each applicant   
wishing to occupy the property submit an application. In the event of a married  
couple two applications must be submitted. All application fees are non refundable.

After we receive your application, we will check your credit report, landlord                 
references, verify employment and perform a criminal background check. If your credit
report indicates a history of late payment, collections, judgments, liens and/or
bankruptcy, you will be asked to provide a written explanation and the minimum
security deposit required will be equivalent to two (2) months gross rent. If we are
unable to obtain and/or confirm credit history, references or employment verification,
we may reject your applicants.

Please be advised that Sandstone Properties and its owner/clients (Landlord) reserve
the right to reject applicants with credit, reference, employment, or criminal
background problems. If you are self employed, we require that you furnish a copy of
your latest tax filing and financial references to verify information.

In the event that there are multiple parties applying for a rental property, Sandstone
Properties will act in accordance with its fiduciary obligations to its owner/client and
recommend to the owner(s) the party that is best qualified. We present all offers to the
property owner(s), who make the final decision.

If the property that you wish to rent allows pets, an additional security deposit of $450
per pet is required although individual property owners may elect to set higher or
lower deposits than others.

We hope that this letter clarifies the application process, which should normally be
completed within 24-72 hours of submission, though obtaining landlord references and
employer verifications can delay the process. Please be assured that we endeavor to
process applications in a timely manner.